Flameshield Fireduct for Car Park Extraction

The application of ductwork in Car Parks and Basements differ from other areas. These enclosed areas require a ductwork system extracting fumes and smoke. There are two methods that can be used for ventilation:

  1. Natural ventilation involves the permanent opening of the floor area to around 2.5% contributing to a through draft.
  2. Mechanical ventilation however is more specific – six air changes per hour must be provided in normal conditions. In the event of a fire, this increases to ten per hour. 50% of extract points must be arranged so that they are at a high level and the rest is at a low level.

The following requirements are expected from car park extraction ductwork:

  • The system must have a melting point of 800 deg. C minimum in all components
  • Fire dampers must not be used for enclosed car parks or basements in their extraction systems.
  • 90% of the ductworks cross sectional area must be retained – within both the fire compartment and adjacent compartments.

Flameshield Products guarantee all of the above requirements – Flameshield Fireduct is perfect for use in basements and car parks.

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