By the very nature of the Gardner & Co business model, that: the protection of sensitive, personal and medical information is a high priority in all areas of our business. 

We have always sought to ensure that rights of our clients and their people are respected and safe-guarded in order to protect their privacy.   

Gardner & Co have always devoted significant, resources to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data we control and process. We are committed to continuously evaluating and improving our policies, standards, processes and information systems to keep data safe, effectively support our clients and business services, and to comply with legal requirements. 

Gardner & Co recognise the passing of the GDPR as an opportunity to evaluate and further enhance the effectiveness and resilience of our security framework with a particular focus on the rights of data subjects. We regard this as a natural extension of the Duty of Care concept.

Quality Services Ltd an independent standards body, has now conducted an assessment of our business processes against the standards set by GDPR as part of our ISO 27001 assessment. 

Reviewed 04.01.2022

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